Sponsorship of Small Medium Companies


Prepare the small and medium companies for listing on the stock – Exchange (Nilex) .

2/2/2 Provide all the financial and management consultations, including financial, management,human resources policies & procedures to be followed in the company.

2/2/3 Provide the consulta ons and advices to the company in phase of completing the procedures for listing on the Stock-Exchange and Central Depository.

2/2/4 Provide the consulta ons and advices for issuing the shares, both in cases of public or special subscription.

2/2/5 Provide consulta ons and advices for compliance with disclosure principles and ensure the continuity of listing on Stock –Exchange.

2/2/6 Assist the company in preparing its financial statements in due times.

2/2/7 Provide all required financial and management consultancies that can improve the company’s performance in the fields of production, marketing, management, human resources and

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